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The cost of a limo bus changes on a season-to-season basis. Our busiest season lasts from the end of April and lasts until the start of October. In an effort to cut costs, we always make the suggestion of changing the limo bus service to a time that is better suited for affordability. Of course, there are other ways of saving money in regards to using a Fort Wayne limo bus. We will use this time and let you know how you can save a great deal of money when renting a limo bus! So sit back, read further, and learn how to save money!

That said, we find that we should let you know that if you cannot simply book during a time that falls within our slower season, that's okay—you can still save money! Our most affordable days for renting a limo bus are Monday through Thursday. Those days are the "off-season" of the week, if you will. The next most bargain-friendly days to rent a limo bus are either Friday or Sunday. That leaves our most popular day of the week, which, if you were not following along, is Saturday. We should note that even if your vehicle rental falls during a busy day, it is possible to rent while avoiding evening hours in order to save cash.

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